The Title Tricks


By Prathap

Call it on the director's interest in pop-culture or simply his/her easy way out in finding a title for their movies, more often than not, we witness song titles, names of old movies and even simple phrases make their way to movie titles. These form an interesting pretext for the movie's release, not to mention the buzz factor.

Winner - Vadivelu might not have thought he was starting a trend when he used ‘Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangam’ as the title for his club of waywardly men in Winner but he has. After numerous usages in real life and movies, the phrase is now title for the Siva Karthikeyan starrer.

Vaidehi Kaathirundal - Legend Goundamani has made a million catch phrases popular but his 'All in All Azhaguraja' for Vaidehi Kaathirundal tops it all. Evident from the fact that decades later, the phrase is being used as the title of a movie.

Theeya Vela Seyyanum Kumaru - The most popular catchphrase of recent times, Theeya Vela Seyyanum Kumaru originates from Pudupettai where Dhanush is advised thus by Azhagamperumal. The movie by the same name made box office history.

Idharkkudhane Asaipattai Balakumara - This Vijay Sethupathy movie derives its title from a Balakumaran novel of the same name. The introspective book captures many autobiographical elements and the totally unrelated movie has already raked up the expectations.



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