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A trailer review of Jagajala Bujabala Tenaliraman

Tenaliramaa - Lets celebrate your entry!

Mar 28, 2014
The trailer of 'Vaigai Puyal' Vadivelu’s comeback movie Jagajala Bujabala Tenaliraman screams just one point - How much we missed Vadivelu and his various makeovers! Seeing him dance and perform brings sheer happiness. And, so, "Tenaliramaa - Lets celebrate your entry!" 
The movie has an ensemble cast: Vadivelu in two roles - The King and Tenaliraman (The King’s chief advisor), the King’s 36 wives and 52 children, 9 ministers, a villain, countrymen and some Chinese merchants. To accommodate all, the producers have spent lavishly. Everything - the palace interiors, the street and market sets, the superb visual effects, and the actors’ costumes - deserves special mention for the grandioseness that is evident on screen.
Tenaliraman says, “Until one attains his purpose, it’s better for him to stay in recluse. This is true for every revolutionary.”
One can only hope that Vaigal Puyal has attained his purpose, and does more movies. However, for now, Vadivelu is back. Dum.

Written by Mithun | @_MithSi


A trailer review of Jagajala Bujabala Tenaliraman

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