Irandam Ulagam – A Colourful Journey

Irandam Ulagam – A Colourful Journey

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In this latest attempt, Selvaraghavan has taken us to a colourful world along the lines of Avatar, with love being the crux of the story. The story is narrated in such a way that it jumps between the two worlds alternately which is something new to Tamil cinema in the recent times. Despite the movie not having familiar faces other than Arya and Anushka, it doesn’t bother the audience.

Firstly, the roles of a soft natured doctor and a brave soldier are tailor made for Arya. He has portrayed the characters well. He has worked a lot on his physique and it has helped the movie to convey the stunt sequences better to the audience. There are parts that his character demands him to express his intense emotions. He does them with ease.

Secondly, it’s Anushka. Roles done by Anushka in this movie will be accepted by the audience only when she does them. Anushka’s roles are also laid at two extremes and in two different worlds like that of Arya’s. In addition to the two roles, she has a small third role in the third world. As usual, her acting, lip sync and dancing, impresses the audience. She shows her prowess in sword fight too.

Cinematography is the next strong point of the movie. Ramji has brought Selvaraghavan’s dream to reality. He has made it possible to make an Indian version of Avatar. But this is just an inspiration. Even after watching Avatar, people will admire this piece of work. A Scene where Arya confronts a Lion (A Creature similar to that of the Outlander Moorwen) will surprise the audience for sure.

BGM and songs rendered by Anirudh and Harris has brought out the emotions well and the quality of their output has made them an essential part of this flick. Songs of Harris looks unique and catchy. Anirudh’s BGM suits the situations well.

After a usual outing Mayakkam Enna, Selvaraghavan has come out with an unusual outing similar to that of Aayirathil Oruvan but once again with a complicated script. Even the screen play looks intricate which is hard to impress the mass and impatient audience. First half keeps the audience engaged but the second half takes the complicated route. But Selvaraghavan has to be appreciated for taking this kind of script during the times of romcoms and black comedies. He is spearheading this movie only with stars such as Arya and Anushka in the acting front and with a script in which English people speak Tamil in the Second World. Above mentioned points clearly shows the bold attempt of Selvaraghavan.

People who would like to get relieved from the current Tamil cinema trend and who are patient enough to watch an out of the box love story will enjoy this colourful journey.

dhileepan kumaresan

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