Irandam Ulagam movie first day first show review

Irandam Ulagam movie first day first show review

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People have praised JAMES CAMEROON for his visual brilliance and vision in AVATAR. now this is the right time to praise an Indian creator and an Indian movie which is on par with Hollywood standards.
If you are not ready to laud a soulful effort from a creator like SELVA, then you are definitely going to loose talents like SELVA from Indian cinema.
Right from the start till end, the film is at its best technical brilliance in every frame and the second half is highly laudable with best VFX and C.G till date in a Tamil movie. I feel the VFX and C.G is on par with international standards with a less cost of 65 crores where as Hollywood movies are made with 500 crores. ENDHIRAN graphics are below par this is my feeling.
The real heroes of the movie are SELVARAGHAVAN, KOLA BHASKAR, RAMJI and the VFX team who worked for many Hollywood movies. ANUSHKA’s acting skills are superb in the first half and her passion for sword fights is highly laudable in the second half. I feel these people carried the SELVA’s dreams on their shoulder.
SELVA, ARYA, ANUSHKA, RAMJI, KOLA BHASKAR, VFX TEAM and the producer PVP have sweated the blood as their soulful work for this movie which is evident from every frame of the movie.
RAMJI: this is his best cinematography and the most challenging project for him. he has used a palette of colours in every frame and used the right lighting which suits the tone of every scene and in synchronization with the V.F.X teams' efforts
ARYA is somewhat ok in this movie and I feel he failed to impress in this movie, only his physical body for a MACHO warrior is the only console. his dialogue delivery at certain places reminded me of kathir character in 7/g rainbow colony.
The first half of the movie really its SELVARAGHVAN's stamp in every frame and the dialogues are very natural and the scenes happening in earth are quite well. selva has taken the basic concept where he has left in the 7/g rainbow colony climax for IRANDAM ULAGAM. love is soulful which is the theme he has taken.
The pace of the movie is slower in the entire plot and I saw people start to talk often during the movie. This film has to be celebrated in the world of cinema for its visual brilliance and awesome creativity of SELVARAGHAVAN. 
IRANDAM ULAGAM is selva’s best movie till date and I can say its best movie in Tamil cinema till date. Selva’s narration though slower screenplay but he makes you forget with his parallel narration between the two worlds in the first half is simply brilliant. People in the theatre complained me that they did not understand the narration style. It’s very simple and straight forward. People upgrade their mobile and laptops, but it’s really shame these people are worse than people from urban, as they are adamant to upgrade their taste on entertainment. 
Harris songs are fine and ANIRUDH background score is excellent at certain places and overall he has done far better job in BG score. If selva and ANIRUDH had given some more time, then the B.G will be the best in the recent times but his score is really very good.
SELVARAGHAVAN: no words to praise his creativity and really passion for cinema, but selva himself told it’s a soulful attempt. What I can say is you can expect perfection only in already tested stories and this is a new genre so you cannot expect perfection at first attempt. But this movie is perfect at many places. 
Venkatesh Ramakrishnan

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