Irandam ulagam Review

Irandam ulagam Review

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How far will you go for your love? Has this Selvaragavan flick justified the statement?

A story that travels in two worlds but which fortunately ends in one world. Selvaragavan has stitched the two worlds neatly in the screenplay but with flaws towards the end. Let it be Arya emoting his loss and innocence or Anushka as Varna portraying her anger and impudence have pitched their characters perfectly, the other characters in minute roles have also done perfectly. Harris’s songs actually come as brakes, even though tunes are catchy. Anirudh’s work is patchy, shines during the interval block but lets down most of the times, the monster fight sequence score could have much better. Art director Kiran and the costume have done wonderful job in convincing the worlds. Vfx and post production team have a played a major role but also are patchy even though they have created such visually stunning imagery at times especially the climax sequence they have stepped back. DOP Ramji is major asset to the film his composition and lighting is a treat to watch.

Downside the script towards the end loses its spinal cord; the creativity does not completely transfer on screen, the action sequences are not at all convincing looks dramatised. Kolabaskar cuts should have being crispier.

Selvaragavan’s vision and creativity has flowed in completely showing a fantasy world. Wished the story could have ended in a perfect moment and ended in a sequel like wished for Pudhupettai and Aayirathil oruvan, just wanted to see more insight of the story rather ending it.

The film has incompletely justified its tag but worth a watch.


Rishi Selvam

rishi selvam

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