Irandam Ulagam - Selva's Mugamoodi

Irandam Ulagam - Selva's Mugamoodi

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Irandam Ulagam, two different worlds, two different love stories and they meet at some point. Sounds good and exciting, but the film isn't. Selva's dream and ambitious project, which was called Malai Nerathu Mayakkam before with Dhanush and Andrea, starts well with two different stories happening simultaneously in two different worlds. The first half was quite good, even it was lengthy. It has some funny moments in both the worlds. There isn't a concept called love and women are treated as slaves in that world. How they get to know about love is the actual story. Arya from this world teaches what is love to the other world, as if everyone in our world know what is true love and treating women with respect.

At one scene Arya shouts "vedikka parka vantha janagala konjam porumaya irunga" it's like Selva telling this towards the audience.

Anushka was good in both the worlds. She looks lovely, bold and acts well, I won't say it's a great performance.  On the other side choice of Arya for this role is really bad, I wish Selva could have continued with Dhanush itself. He hasn't used all the songs from the album in this movie as well. I was really looking forward to a good visual for some songs like Raakozhi. And, BGM by Anirudh, is not so good. Maybe too early for this kind of movie or he didn't have enough time since he was included in the last minute.

The link between the two worlds is not convincing that particular scene could have been better. I don't know how much of Selva's dreams was converted into screen. Since we have seen Avatar many times, we can't avoid the comparison where we really felt a different world there. It's an other world, so how different it can be. There was a lot of scope in that, sadly Selva didn't explore much in my opinion. And, there also one man who can kill an entire army of people single-handedly.

Selva, IU is really a nice try and a welcome attempt. Just like your Aayirathil Oruvan, which I loved, this too was let down in the second half. It's always good to see a different attempt in Tamil cinema and you are one director who constantly attempts different genres. But an exciting idea alone is not enough, needed a better execution to make a stunning impact in the audience that is where I was disappointed. Expecting a better movie from Selva, after all we know you are capable of giving us a better experience.

Rating 2.5/5.0.

Karthic S

Chandhu Sivaswamy

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