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A quick review of Anirudh's musical contributions for Irandam Ulagam

Anirudh's new dimension to Irandam Ulagam

Nov 16, 2013

When Anirudh was picked to finish off the remaining musical segments of Irandam Ulagam the news may have come rather unexpectedly to cinema lovers. But with release of the two new tracks composed by the young talented composer it seems like his selection was a highly calculated move by Selvaraghavan under the given circumstances.

Besides delivering the background score for the film, Anirudh’s contribution includes two new songs which we hear will be bundled with montages. The first impression of Anirudh’s work in this film came through a new trailer which carried strains of the track ‘Penne Naa Enna Solla’ which many would agree was completely in sync with the personality of the composer’s work thus far.

The other track ‘Iravinil Oruvanai’ sees the composer stripping down musically to a bare minimum with the gentle piano driven rhythm topped off with excellent vocal harmonies and the unmistakable voice of Chinmayi.

The two songs of Anirudh clearly distinguishes itself from Harris’s splendid work in terms of sound and style and one can expect a similar impact on the film’s re-recording with Anirudh giving Irandam Ulagam a new dimension.


A quick review of Anirudh's musical contributions for Irandam Ulagam

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