Irandaam Ulagam Movie Review by Common Man

Irandaam Ulagam Movie Review by Common Man

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Story: Movie travels simultaneously between our world & second world. Story of the movie is quite simple and it will definitely not confuse anyone. Selva experimented a lot in “Aayirathil Oruvan”, but due to the result of that movie, he has taken a complex story and narrated with simpler screenplay in this movie. Don't miss the title credits & complain that you didn't understand the movie.
Arya – Dhanush & Andrea were supposed to play the lead roles, when the movie started in 2008, but later it went through lots of changes and Arya became the lead actor. He has got more scenes to perform in the second half and has done a decent job. But, in few scenes, he could have acted much better.
Anushka –She has got a meaty role and has performed well. Her acting & dancing in the second world was too good.
Venkatesh as Arya’s friend has really done a good job. Other Supporting Actors are completely new and their acting looks amateurish
Cinematographer Ramji with the help of Art Director & CG works have made sure that Second World is Visual treat to the audience.
Visual Effects - Few people may complain about the VISUAL EFFECTS & compare it to AVATAR. We have Tamilians / Indians who can do much more better VFX than Hollywood Movies. Irandaam Ulagam is a Tamil Movie with budget around 50 Crores & not 500 Crores. As Tamilians, technicians don't have much scope to show their full potential in Tamil Cinema due to BUDGET Constraint. We have to encourage movies like this, so that producers will be willing to spend more money in their future projects.
Editing by Kola Bhaskar was excellent. A scene in which the second world and our world merges together was one of the best scenes in Tamil Cinema.
Harris Jayaraj’s Songs & Anirudh BGM combo has come out well. It is really difficult to compose BGM for a fantasy movie, but Anirudh has done a decent job.
Selvaraghavan – Pre-Interval & Post-Interval Scenes were the USP for this movie. First Half of the movie was a Romantic One with Selvaraghavan’s style of scenes & dialogues. Interval Block creates huge hype for the second half. Post-Interval Scene maintains the hype, but after that few clichéd scenes makes it little slow and ends with a lead to the “Third World”.
It is a FANTASY Movie and hence, people complaining about “LOGIC” should read the meaning of “FANTASY”. Few Critics may say that Foreign people speaking TAMIL in the Second World to be funny. The same critics will praise Hollywood Movie, when Foreign people speaks English or French. It is better than Tamil Movies having Hindi dialogues with Tamil Subtitles.
Overall, Irandam Ulagam will satisfy only Selvaraghavan Fans, People who love Unique Movies, Fantasy Movie Lovers who don’t compare it with Hollywood Movies, etc and it will not satisfy the people who expect Commerical Movies with engaging screenplay, Comedy Based Movies without stories, Build-up scenes which looks completely artificial, etc.
Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.5 / 5
Rating of this movie for Selvaraghavan’s fans & Fantasy Movie Lovers – 3.25 / 5
Sathish Kumar

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