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Actor Siddharth is one person who is never scared to say what he feels right. Now know what he has to say about the ongoing Tamil cinema strike and special permission given to a few Tamil films.

Siddharth's tweets read as follows - "Every single film is an equal challenge in today's brutal cinema marketplace. If these special permissions to shoot are given to one, please give them to all producers. We are all the same. In the absence of equality and unity, god save us. #TamilCinema #Strike

This TN govt. does not and will not care about cinema. They have proved that for a decade. It will take a miracle for them to suddenly turn around and change that. Revamping the industry is needed, but at what cost? Let the industry show unity first. Then change will follow.

If you want to know what will not add 1 paisa value to Tamil Cinema, please read last 100 replies on my timeline. Filthy language, thevayillatha poison, sambandhamillatha kovam. Two sets of few jobless idiots spoiling everyone's name and time. Paavam Vijay-Ajith."

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Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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Popular anchor Gobinath, of Neeya Naana fame, shared with us several insights about the art of interviewing in an exclusive interview. He also weighed in on the success of Sivakarthikeyan and actor Siddharth's opinion on it.

When asked about his opinion on the fact that fame nowadays is achieved in no time (according to Siddharth), and the idea of phenomenal growth as reached by Sivakarthikeyan, he said: "Not everyone can achieve phenomenal growth (like Siva). And it does not happen "just like that". 

He (Siva) is a hard worker, and grasps whatever he is told with an innate sort of "thrust". You can't categorize everything as luck. You take a step towards luck, and it will take a step towards you. For somebody who deserves it, there are much better opportunities these days than before, I feel."

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Siddharth tweets about Tamil cinema strike

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