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Kammara Sambhavam, an upcoming Malayalam film starring Dileep and our own Siddharth and Bobby Simha, is being shot currently.

According to Dileep, the film will be a milestone of sorts for Siddharth. A recent Facebook post by the actor, roughly translated, read: "I am happy to be part of this project with Siddharth. He has already worked in a number of films, but the role he plays in Kammara Sambhavam will be the best in his career."

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Siddharth’s smashing reply to a fan who supports piracy

Actor Siddharth’s recent release Aval, which had a Telugu version Gruham and a Hindi version titled The House Next Door, seems to have performed well and has turned out to be a well-received film among the audience. Following this, Siddharth has made a post on Twitter which informs audiences who have not watched Aval yet, that it will be legally available on a popular digital platform.

Immediately after Siddharth had posted about the good news of Aval making it to a popular digital platform, a film fan had posted, “Tamilrockers yepavum engala Kai vittadhu Ila bro!’. To this, Siddharth’s fitting reply was, “Unga moonjiyellam yenga padam kaasu kuduthu paatha yengalukku dhaan asingam. You continue. Thanks.”

A lot of negative comments followed and another fan had posted, “Racist reply ..Dat was still rude, bro..”. Clarifying on this further, Siddharth posted, “I think you need to go study what racism means. You seem to be confused. His eyes (kangal) that watch piracy are on his face (moonji). I hope. I dont know or care what he looks like. Thanks. ticket prices are higher in other states. That is not an excuse for piracy. That is the argument that confuses the issue. People who steal will steal even if ticket prices are slashed.”

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Dileep says Siddharth's role in Kammara Sambhavam will be his best to date

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