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Jigarthanda Tamil Nadu box office collections

TN Box-office: How has Jigarthanda fared?

Aug 04, 2014
By now, the talk is clear that Jigarthanda is critically a much-appreciated movie. All popular media houses and critics have given a huge thumbs-up for the film and the word of mouth among the movie going populace is also totally positive. 30 screens were added across the state yesterday to meet the growing demand for the movie.
The first 3 days net from across Tamil Nadu is reported to be around 3.5 crores, with Chennai city contributing around 75 lakhs to the total gross. The day-wise break up of the TN net is 1, 1.2 and 1.3 crores respectively on the first 3 days.
With the favourable word of mouth prevailing, Jigarthanda is expected to continue its good run. But the movie hasn't been allotted tax exemption and the eventual distributor share for the movie will take a hit due to the 30% entertainment tax factor.


Jigarthanda Tamil Nadu box office collections

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