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Just In - Siddharth - Lakshmi Menon starrer Jigarthanda is NOT RELEASING.

Just In: Jigarthanda is NOT RELEASING.

Jul 21, 2014

Jigarthanda's lead actor Siddharth, in his official Twitter page, confirmed that his movie with Karthik Subbaraj, isn't releasing on July 25, as earlier planned. Here are his tweets in this regard:

"Sorry Jigarthanda fans. External unfair pressure is forcing our film to be postponed.
Karthik, our whole team and I worked really hard for Jigarthanda. With no respect for us, without even discussing it with us...postponed.
Whoever you are who aided in this dirty game, you can delay us you cannot stop us. A good film cannot be killed.
All lovers of cinema, please support Karthik Subbaraj & our team. Whenever our film releases it needs all your help. We are helpless today.
Heartbreaking. Paper ads with theaters list till Tuesday for a Friday release and then this happens. God save cinema!
We need a miracle. Praying! Give us our release date.
The producer of Jigarthanda has personally informed other producers and distributors about the postponement. He has not informed us yet."



Just In - Siddharth - Lakshmi Menon starrer Jigarthanda is NOT RELEASING.

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