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Karthik Subbaraj's Jigarthanda does it all differently

Jigarthanda gives it back with a smile

Jun 30, 2014
It is Rajini's formula to get it all first and then give it back. Jigarthanda has done it in a similar style. It has been a vulnerable project ever since it was announced, and in response to all the hype and criticism, the team has found a way to put it altogether and make it even more trendy. A famous film can never lay off media's attention! 
All mediums have been updating Jigarthanda morsels, from it being a Korean rip to censorship differences with the producer denoting the delay in release. Promotional campaigns matter a lot for a film's success in today's scenario.
Jigarthanda has come up with this really innovative promotional poster. Using every other media house's post on Jigarthanda, the team itself has made a collage of all those and have made a satirical declaration with a smiley quoting, "Promotions started"?
This is indeed an interesting move to address some of the baseless frenzy for the movie. Think different. Reach different.


Karthik Subbaraj's Jigarthanda does it all differently

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