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Will Jigarthanda come to theatres?

Will Jigarthanda have a Friday release?

Jun 26, 2014
Jigarthanda's audio launch happened 3 months ago, but the film is yet to see a Friday release. What is stopping the film from being commercially screened to the Tamil audience? There has essentially been a dispute between the film's censorship and the director's creative freedom.
SMC Pictures Kathiresan had an impressive run with Polladhavan and Aadukalam but had to go through a financial crisis with Naiyaandi last year. He hopes to recoup now and all his hopes are pinned around the box office prospects of Jigarthanda, which would have been bolstered if the film had obtained a clean U certificate (the film now carries a U/A). 
Jigarthanda was actually not promised to be a U film, as it focuses on gangster rivalry in and around Madurai. The director had been clear on making a generously violent film during the pre-production stages itself, but he did make some appropriate changes to the content during the filming, to suit the mainstream crowd.
Now the producer wants to bring another set of cuts to his U/A movie in an effort to get the coveted 'U' certificate but the director's team feels that the intention of the movie would be marginalized. Hence the release of the movie is getting delayed in this tussle between censorship, commercial prospects and creativity.
There is also a rumour doing the rounds, of Jigarthanda being ripped from a Korean film, "A Dirty Carnival", that will soon be addressed by the director himself.
Fans are meanwhile eagerly waiting for Jigarthanda, the Forbes-listed 'must watch' of the year.


Will Jigarthanda come to theatres?

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