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What actor Karthi did in Tirunelveli ?

Goodbye Karthi Anna!!!!

Jul 21, 2014

In Tamil film industry, actor Sivakumar is known for his involvement in socially responsible activities. His sons Suriya and Karthi also follow their father’s path and are actively associated with many voluntary organizations.


Recently Karthi spent some time at Myopathy Hospital in Tirunelveli with children who are affected by muscular dystrophy.


He was seen singing, dancing and interacting in a lively manner, with the children. He was so humble and friendly with everyone and delivered a wonderful speech which touched everyone’s heart.  He had food with the kids and also patiently posed for pictures with the kids, parents and all the staffs in the institution.


Karthi made everyone happy and when the time came for him to leave, the kids with a lot of reluctance said - Goodbye Karthi anna!


What actor Karthi did in Tirunelveli ?

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