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Exciting tidbits from Suriya's Anjaan

For all you Anjaan fans out there ...

Jul 14, 2014

That Suriya is playing dual roles in Anjaan is a well-known fact by now. One of his characters, Raju 'Bhai' is a Mumbai based gangster while the other character would be called Krishna. Suriya would be seen walking with crutches to portray Krishna, a man who limps.

With Anjaan's heavy Mumbai flavour, there are chances of the movie being dubbed and released in Hindi as well. In fact, this is Suriya's first movie to be entirely based and shot in Mumbai.
And the number that Suriya has sung for Anjaan was actually a surprise pulled off by Yuvan and he made the star record the number within 2 hours at A.R.Rahman's studio.
Finally for all the fans of Anjaan, the official track list of the movie would be unveiled this evening.


Exciting tidbits from Suriya's Anjaan

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