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A trivia related to Dhanush's VIP release date

A basic Math trick in VIP's release date

Jul 13, 2014

There is an interesting little trivia about Dhanush's VIP release date. As reported earlier, the film is now all set to release on 18th July (18/07). VIP happens to be Dhanush's 25th film in his more than a decade long career, and as basic Math goes, 18+7=25.

We don't know yet if this was a deliberately planned move to release the movie on 18th or this trivia was just a happy little

Anyway, this small trivia is being shared around on the social media by Dhanush fans, and we also deemed it fit to report a little story on it, considering Dhanush's impending milestone release this Friday.


A trivia related to Dhanush's VIP release date

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