Jigarthanda Movie – Its Ding Dong film!!

Jigarthanda Movie – Its Ding Dong film!!

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Ding Dong song will indicate what kind of movie you are entering…its twists and turns at regular intervals – its Jigarthanda for you.


Guess the credit offering should go in the order of Santosh Narayanan, Gavemic U Ary,  Vivek Harshan and Karthik Subburaj. The film launches Karthik in a grander scale and he is a great talent to watch out for.


The characters are greatly sketched out and the plot is on the lines of Soodhuk Kavvum where there are frequent twists.


Bobby Simha as "Assault" Sethu and Karunakaran as Oorani have carried out a phenomenal role while the Acting Guru has supported the proceedings greatly.


It’s very tough to analyze this movie when you watch this movie for the first time as you are elevated to the next level by the unique and innovative plot….but in the next layer, the following observations can be shared –


·  The Assault Sethu character in real life itself looks very flimsy…he quickly changes his mind when the movie desire is aroused which doesn’t happen in real life!!


·  Movie Aluguni in the film is not shown and guess the Director would have found it difficult to show why the theatre is laughing…also typically the rough characters in life are more intelligent than the IIT’s …its surprising the Director completed the movie without the Assualt group getting a scent of what is happening….hence the challenge for the Director in showing how the movie was changed later!!



·  The video cassette loop where Assualt Sethu confirms his murder of the reporter is left open….in fact it was supposed to be shared to the commissioner and the journalists fraternity would not take lying down was the dialogue in the movie.


The plot is unique and the initial surprises over the movie will make it cross over the box office successfully. Good attempt…it’s a jolly ride.


Enjoy in theatres …it’s a musical treat!!




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