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Interview Team : Abishek Raaja; Balasaravanan

How Bobby became Simha ? Jigarthanda fame A. Kumar's take on his journey of becoming an actor ! 



You want to be Bobby or Simha?

Bobby is just a pet name. Jaya Simha is my actual name. Bobby is a funny, lethargic kid at household. Jaya Simha is an ambitious artist driven by dreams and goals. Only if I'm Bobby, I can be Simha. When I wanted an appealing on-screen name, I had to think of something catchy and attractive. That's when I clubbed them both. So, I want to be Bobby Simha !!! 

Only if I'm Bobby, I can be Simha


The travel of an actor ? 

I was not the typical boy running behind marks and packages. But I had the confidence of becoming a great actor. When the much struggled college life was all done, I decided to become a full-fledged, professional actor and was ready to accept whatever it takes to realize my dream. When on a hunt to know about the best place to learn acting, I came across this heavenly abode, Koothupattarai. I did a three months course on acting there. It was revelation of sorts. From emoting to domestic chores, I did it all and I learnt it all. The irony is, Jigarthanda fame Somasundaram, a remarkable theater artist, was the one who taught me acting for the first time in real life also.  


There were boundless, emotional and financial issues to be faced. But, nothing could stop me. Well-wishers and relatives would start advising me, the minute they see me. I in-fact avoided friends who dissuaded me from acting. When I wanted some petty cash to get along with my day, I would go ask my friends, and then they'll come with this line, Macha? You should probably reconsider this acting career da. Why can't you just go to a job and make your life easier?' Now I'm happy that their statements have gone wrong.     


Kaaka Muttai fame director Manikandan was into this ‘One minute short film’ initiative and I was the assistant director. Thanks to all the countless learning I had to go through, it has made me self informed of the industry I belong. After years of mansion life, a reality show based on short-films started and that's how I got acquainted with Balaji Mohan, Alphonse, Karthik Subbaraj and Nalan. We all started at the same time and I'm glad that I got associated with their feature film projects also. I can proudly say that, I'm from a recognized university. These directors made me. 


Some of my friends asked me to quit acting !


The magical Jigarthanda. Please explain! 


Post numerous partnering with Karthik, it was an obligation for him to cast me if he made any full-length feature films (laughs). Continued by that brief performance in Pizza, I requested Karthik if I could do the Sethu role in Jigarthanda, the very first script he ever wrote. That time I was done with Neram and Soodhu Kavvum work was going on. But Neram came a little late and Soodhu Kavvum had given me an ideal start. Though I was supposed to play the role of Karthi, the lead protagonist in Jigarthanda, I again went and approached Karthik Subbaraj for the Sethu role. By now, he had the trust in me. After lots of screen tests and workshops, I was finally confirmed for the role. From the aged look to the Madurai slang, I had to work really hard. Now I'm extremely satisfied and happy. All the credits go to the master director and the team.    

Jigarthanda has changed my life...

How painful was it to live the dream you’re enjoying now?  

Is anything easily available in this life? I'm just glad that I had the endurance and perseverance of becoming an actor. Lots of enthusiasts like me just stray away or give up their dream. Something or somebody has been nice to me, so I'm in the industry now. The satisfaction of having succeeded after so much of hard-work is immeasurable. I'm very happy now. I have lost friends, time and health in due course of attaining my goal. 
There had been days with nothing special in life. I was deprived of proper food and basic facilities. But now, I can afford for myself and also my very supportive parents. I used to work at BPO, take up marketing jobs to meet needs. But there was never a day, I felt like quitting. Thalaivar's dialogue from Mullum Malarum got me going! 

Early days in Chennai were very hard 

How are you dealing the stardom? 

You mean the literal stardom? (Laughs again) I have just started my journey. It is good to see people recognizing you when you were ridiculed of your existence at some point. This sudden transformation is so funny to me. I prefer having my childhood friends to hang out with and I'm somebody with very basic wants. Anything can keep me happy.  
I wanted to be an actor only because of Superstar. More than his on-screen presence, his off-screen charisma has intrigued me even more. I am a very ordinary human being who acts for a purpose. That is all to it. This so called stardom is terrifying. I am afraid. I have to be more responsible now and I'm not even close to stardom. So let's stop it there. 

Stardom terrifies me !

Where do you want to position yourself in the industry? 

How about a position just for me? Is it too much to ask? I think I'm going to work for it. Whatever be the type of roles I do, all that I want to do is, bring some life to the character the director has dreamt of. I am answerable to the story-teller and the producers who invest money trusting us. I'm working on being an individualist and be committed to the projects I sign. I think, on the whole, not putting much of a thought into things like this will make me enjoy my work even more. 
When somebody gives a handshake saying I have done a good job, it does feel good, but I want them to give me a handshake for all my films. I came to industry to not loot money but I want to create some memorable performance of my own and watch it after years not straining my eye-brows. I want to satisfy the audience providing proper entertainment firstly and also keep my producers safe. 

I want to create some memorable performances of my own

Rapid fire! 

a. Favorite actor- Rajinikanth, Vijay Sethupathy, Fahadh to name a few.
b. Favorite dish- Dieting is pain. Anything that is eatable is my favorite. I am a certified foodie! 
c. Most joyful moment in life- Clearing final exams and Jigarthanda's success  
d. Heroines you like- Parvathy Menon for now  
e.  Your contribution to the society- I can talk only about my problems. Please watch movies in theatres. There are hundreds of lives involved. 
f. One word description for Karthik Subbaraj- I’ll make it two. Nalla Nanban. 
g. A funny incident- I was promised to be cast in a serial. But I was conned. 




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