Jigarthanda - Visitor Rreview

Jigarthanda - Visitor Rreview

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Prepare yourself to greet the never seen before gangster movie with the perfect combination of chills and thrills.


The story revolves around a passionate, budding film maker who took a case study on a renowned mobster for his debut movie, well that was the fun filled, blood splashing, rib tickling, surprise pouring and unbelievably the best first half ever compared to any gangster flick released so far. When everything travels in the right path the screenplay gets derailed a bit in the second half which offers you a complete changeover to the rest of the story.


Technically Jigarthanda was pure class, with inspirations from Tarantino and Park chan-wook. Karthik was very particular in the locations, sets and even in the colors in the background. These concerns bring immaculate frames in many places which you can see only in world class movies and Karthik just did it like an expert. When he was offered only a home to picturize the whole movie for Pizza he just spellbound us with the technical department, so imagine how wonderful it will be when he was offered whole Madurai to shoot he just nailed the target impressively.


Simha and Siddharth are the two central characters in the movie and both of them deserve grand applause. They took control of the movie from the first frame they get in and just blasted each and every scope required in acting till the last one. Lakshmi Menon did her part well, can't say it's a crucial part but it is. All the actors including Karunakaran, Somasundaram and the actors who played Simha's friends have done their role superbly.


Gavemic U Ary's cinematography and Santhosh's songs along with BGM is creating magic and brings you the perfect romance between the vision and the sound. There was a scene when someone tries to assassin Simha in a public toilet and that uncut long shot was the best evident for the technical brilliance of this movie. Editing should have struggled in deciding which one to chop in the first half and which one to keep in the second.


Karthik is a talented writer there is no doubt in that, but the screenplay slightly moves away from the main part and also with the addition of some uninteresting scenes literally brings down the movie from the masterpiece status. Even though Karthik was well known for this his imaginative narrating style this one demands even more in the later part.


If the movie marched towards the same route in the later half also, there is no doubt that Jigarthanda is undoubtedly the Best Movie in decades of this genre but unfortunately it stops itself within the best attempts in Tamil Cinema. Karthik's creativity didn't shorten but his aggression slightly overtakes his own child.


Verdict - Impeccable Elements Added But This Drink Requires More Stir, Still It's Worth A Shot.

Nivaz R

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