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Jigarthanda gets a date finally !

Jigarthanda to finally make it to theatres !

Jul 09, 2014
Without the miraculous Friday morning all the tireless efforts of creativity & money put in to making a film go in vain. When acquiring a release date and getting to commercially screen a film across the state itself is a herculean task, censorship and distribution rights are another set of tasks for the director.
The ongoing pragmatics of the industry delay or even ban quality products for some reasons. There are about 70 odd films still in the cans waiting for a release. Arjun Sarja's Manikanda and Srikanth's Sadhurangam are classic examples of having very late releases and literally going unnoticed. 
Ever since Jigarthanda was announced, it has been making news for the right reasons. Making it to the Forbes list and the existing expectations on Karthik Subbaraj had been mounting into countless anticipations from the public.
After a cold war, Jigarthanda will be served cold across theaters in the world from the 25th of July. Karthik Subbaraj says, "This delay in the release is all for good and I'm happy about the final decisions made on my creative freedom". Get ready for a spine chilling dessert.


Jigarthanda gets a date finally !

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