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Ramanujan movie preview

''All of you have to see Ramanujan for sure''

Jul 08, 2014
Director Gnana Rajasekaran, known for his quality biopics, speaks to Behindwoods about why his latest work Ramanujan is a must-watch for audiences of all age groups.
"Ramanujan is a big genius born in Tamil Nadu. I wished to show his life as it would surely be a lesson to the youth. His life is very interesting. This wont be a movie connected just to Maths, but a mathematician's life story and an interesting story at that.
People can appreciate this easily. Audiences of all age groups can see it and there will be a good message for all of them.
We have made it very interestingly with good quality songs, dialogues, locations and camera work.
All of you have to see Ramanujan for sure"
Running time - 2 hours 30 minutes
Censor Certificate - U


Ramanujan movie preview

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