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Tamil Nadu: Father shot dead by armed forces policeman.

An armed forces policeman killed his father on Tuesday in Theni for admonishing him over his addictive drinking habits, say reports. Vignesh Prabhu shot his 65-year-old father a Self-Loading Rifle (SLR) when he had gone home in Vadugapatti near Periyakulam in Theni.

The policeman went for a protection of a judge who visited the Lower Camp area with the SLR on Monday. He then visited his house in Vadugapatti to take rest with the rifle. Vignesh Prabhu was allegedly in an inebriated state. His father Selvaraj reprimanded him for spending the money on liquor.

Vignesh Prabhu got enraged and shot dead his father in a fit of anger. Thenkarai police, after receiving information, rushed to the spot and sent the body of the deceased for post-mortem. The cop was arrested and the rifle was seized. During the investigation, it was revealed that Vignesh was in possession of two more rifles.

Theni Superintendent of Police Bhaskaran has ordered an investigation as to find who allowed the drunkard cop to carry three rifles. He also assured that an action will be taken against armed forces officials who allowed Vignesh to carry three rifles.



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