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Rajinikanth visits Thoothukudi shooting victims, offers Rs 2 lakh

Actor-politician Rajinikanth on Wednesday went to Thoothukudi to visit the victims of the May 22 shooting. Before leaving to Thoothukudi, he had reportedly announced, "I am going to the hospital in Thoothukudi to visit the injured. It is just a goodwill gesture."


He reportedly visited the families of the 13 who were killed during the shooting. He also visited the injured admitted at the government hospital. Rajinikanth announced that he will present Rs 2 lakh each as compensation to the families of the 13 who were killed. He will also be presenting the injured with Rs 10,000 each. 


Anti-Sterlite protests happening in Thoothukudi turned violent on May 22, the 100th day of the protests. The police opened gunfire against the protestors, due to which 13 of them were killed and many were left injured. Finally, on Monday the plant was ordered by the government to be permanently closed.


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