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TN govt cancels land allocation for Sterlite expansion.

The State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited (SIPCOT) on Tuesday reportedly cancelled the allocation of land to the expansion of Sterlite copper plant in Thoothukudi. The land was allocated for the construction of the plant’s 2nd unit in the SIPCOT complex in Thoothukudi.

Reportedly, about 342.22 acres of land was allocated to the expansion in 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2010. The Managing Director of SIPCOT reportedly said that the decision has been taken after locals complained of health hazards due to the plant. SIPCOT also added that the money received from Sterlite for the lands will be returned.

The Tamil Nadu Environment and Forests Department on Monday issued a Government Order for the closure of the Sterlite plant and the plant was later sealed by the Thoothukudi district collector Sandeep Nanduri.


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