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Rajinikanth turns furious during press meet.

Actor Rajinikanth on Wednesday visited Thoothukudi to console the families of the injured in the police firing, in which at least 13 were killed, dozens injured. The actor also announced a solatium of Rs 2 lakh each to the families of the deceased and Rs 10,000 each to the injured.

On his return, Rajinikanth addressed reporters in the Chennai airport. Rajinikanth stressed that anti-social elements are behind the violence in Thoothukudi. Responding to the opposition leaders’ criticism against Rajinikanth’s ‘anti-social elements’ remarks, he again reiterated that the problem began when the anti-social elements attacked police. He further added that it is the anti-social elements who attacked police, collector office and set a residential area on fire.

Just like in Jallikattu, anti-social elements infiltrated the anti-Sterlite protest as well, he said. He also strongly stated that he would never accept the attack on police. Further, when questioned why the government and police have not taken any action against the ‘anti-social elements’ 10 days after the incident, Rajinikanth said that the government should take action against them.

When questioned how he knows that anti-social elements infiltrated the anti-Sterlite protest, the actor turned furious and said, “Don’t ask me how I know it; I know it all.” Tamil Nadu will turn into a graveyard if people resort to protests for everything, he furiously added before leaving.


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