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By Vaishvedhidha | Apr 02, 2019 08:01 PM

The Battle Royale game has become a popular name among the youth lately. But at the same time, it is having an adverse effect on the players.

Students attacked each other while playing PUBG

Many cases have been reported lately of addiction and violence due to PUBG. According to News18, a violent clash took place among students in Surajpur district of Chattisgarh, where 4 students attacked 2 students over PUBG.

As said by Surajpur Nagar panchayat, two students started a controversy while playing the online game. The victims said that there was a dispute between four other students who were also playing the game. The group got hold of the victims and furiously beat them up.

The victims lodged a complaint in the Bhatgoan police station against the four students. Among the accused, minors are also involved. Addiction and violence related to PUBG are increasing every day.