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By Ramya Ashok Kumar | Aug 18, 2018 02:54 PM
Idukki MP Joice George appeals to people for help, sends SOS

According to reports from TNM, Idukki MP Joice George sent out an SOS to anyone who can hear it requesting for help. Idukki is one of the worst affected areas in Kerala and has been cut off from the other parts of the State.


In a voice note provided by TNM, George can be heard saying, "Idukki is in an alarming situation right now. Most of the areas in Idukki have been isolated, and most of the roads leading to Idukki have been completely destroyed. There is no way to communicate with each other. It is a situation where we can’t even retrieve people’s bodies from the sand."


He points out to the alarming situation in Idukki and appeals to those listening to his note. He says, "I am calling for help from people who are listening to this from other areas, - you can help us in the form of bringing food, clothes."


Kerala has been bearing the brunt of one of the worst rains in the State in 100 years. Along with flash floods and landslips, the death toll in the State has reached 324 in just nine days. Joice George was not the only one to appeal to the people. On Friday, Chengannur MLA Saji Cheriyan had sent a distress message pleading for helicopters to be brought in for rescue operations.