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Vignettes of the making of Sivaji!!
If there is one fever, which has gripped Tamilnadu other than the obvious election fever, it is that of Superstar’s next film, Sivaji. Coming on the heels of the massive success of Chandramukhi, every move about the film, every nuance about its making is closely watched. Fans are eager to know the minutae of the film. While the producer AVM Saravanan revealed that Shankar had narrated a story to Rajini long ago, Superstar did not show a keen interest. Following the flop of Baba, Rajini wanted to make his comeback on his own and felt that Shankar would also be under undue pressure to deliver. On now to the vignettes of the making of Sivaji.
The man behind Sivaji

It was M.S. Guhan, AVM Saravanan’s son, who had this idea of making a film with Rajini. They had wanted to start even before Chandramukhi, but Rajini did not make up his mind. Although he had great regard for AVM and Shankar, he did not quite jump on to the suggestion that there should be such a high-profile combination to bring his career back on the rails. He felt relaxed and confident after Chandramukhi and Shankar was free after Anniyan around the same time and the deal fell through.
The entry of Suman

There has been tremendous expectation around who would be the villain in the film. After several names like Sathyaraj, Prakashraj and even Amitabh Bachan did the rounds, it was announced that it would be Suman, the dashing hero of yesteryears. Both Rajini and Suman share an excellent rapport since the days of Thee and this new element in their screen partnership is eagerly awaited.
Rajini’s reverence towards security guards

Rajini’s demeanor during the shooting is just extraordinary. Unalloyed humility, enthusiasm and encouragement for co-stars are the hallmark of Rajini. He always wishes AVM Saravanan as ‘Mudhalali’ since their association dates back to the Murattukkalai days. He always stands up to wish him with a warm handshake.

Whenever Rajini enters or leaves the hallowed studios, he downs the windows and wishes the security guards who are no wonder thrilled. Rajini states that many would just dream to work under AVM banner and he is indeed lucky to have got the chance. What humble words from a great star.
Similarly at any site where the shooting is on, whether ICF, Airport, Binny Mills, Lady Andal School, the throng of fans and onlookers just grows by the day and Rajini always wishes everyone with a smile and wave.
Tripped Rajini

The on-the-set camaraderie is excellent and thanks mainly due to the sporting nature of Rajini. On one occasion, in a scene in which he alights from a car dropping his jaws watching the ravishing Sreya, he tripped and the whole unit converged on him. He straightened himself and refused pack up immediately. He also urged the shooting to be completed soon because of the right shade of light. That’s why he is our superstar.
Even the unit members clap and whistle…

The comedy track by Vivek and Rajini should be mentioned without fail. Vivek is so excited that he often says that off camera, Rajini is calm but when the camera rolls he roars like a tsunami. His vim and vigor belie his age and the agility with which he performs the scenes make even the unit members clap and whistle when the director shouts “cut”! For example, consider this dialogue at the airport scene: Rajini swoops down the escalator, pops up a chiclet into his mouth in his trademark style and walks briskly to meet Vivek, Manivannan and Vadivukkarasi.
Vivekh says, “Vanga mama”. Rajini retorts, “Dai, enna paatha mama madhiriya irukku. Eanda en imagea ippadi ellar munnalyum spoil panrae. Maappilainnnu koopidira”. Then, Rajini guffaws haha in his trademark.
Rajini in Spain and Japan

For several scenes attractive sets have been raised and several stills with Rajini standing in his stylish poses have been canned. As for songs, a couple have been shot in Spain. There are also rumors that at least one song would be shot in Japan, where Rajini has a big legion of fans. For one song, the director has asked Rahman to rework the tune. All the songs would be chart toppers, it is sure.
The unique thing about Sivaji is that all the people involved in the film are the creamiest talent in the industry. Rajini always has a soft corner for talented directors, irrespective of the age. Shankar is an established director and has a unique style of screenplay. Nevertheless, he has been constantly discussing the script with Rajini so as to ensure that it matches the expectations of the fans. Sujatha is a talented writer and we expect sparks to fly. Vivek’s own brand of comedy is sure to tickle the funny bones. Shreya the young heroine has already shown that she is capable of good performance. Opposite the superstar, her acting should definitely be par excellence.

As we wait like millions of other fans across the globe, we are sure thalaivar would come up with another bull’s eye offering. Good luck, man!
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