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Superstar and his black cat
A receding hairline with tufts of fluffy hair; many slight wrinkles which seem to have resurfaced even after the Chandramukhi makeover. These are the telltale signs of our thalaivar’s age. Yet his slight build and sprightly walk belie the march of time. To his millions of swooning fans he is the one and only evergreen hero.
Samy Function

His public appearances are few and far between. Quite understandable, because of the problems that the organizers would face in managing the screaming crowds. Therefore, the superstar makes his appearance quite literally like a meteor – here now but gone before you could SMS the news to your friend. He stays a while only in functions of close friends.
Our Superstar is the one man industry. His popularity is a barometer of the health of Tamil cinema. Yet, he does not show off any airs and remains calm and composed. His speeches are marked by a heady mix of side-splitting wit with solid philosophical thoughts. No one can hold a crowd together like he does because there is no dull moment in his monologues.
Chandramukhi Audio release
Chandramukhi Audio release
In the recent events, if you watched closely, you would find that Rajini is always accompanied by a burly and forbidding ‘Meesaikara Nanbar’ – his black cat security commando. From Samy silver jubilee and even in Chandramukhi silver jubilee to the latest at his mentor KB’s Poi audio release the security guy was all charged accompanying the icon. Since the Poi audio function was non-Rajini centred one, the audiences and fans got more to see the cop and wondered and some realized only after some time that the cop was there for superstar’s security.
Many whispers did rounds inside the auditorium. After the threat by the sandalwood smuggler, Veerappan, to kidnap him, the government ordered Z group security. This means that Rajini is in the high-risk category requiring a personal commando. Though our simple Superstar doesn’t like this security set up, he has agreed to the arrangement because of his well-wishers’ plea and the government‘s appeal. Although Veerappan is no more, the threat to Rajini’s life yet remains from some unidentified elements and so our meesai friend would be around for some more time
Chandramukhi Silver Jubilee
Chandramukhi Silver Jubilee
Chandramuki Silver Jubilee   Poi Audio Release
As for Rajini himself, although he finds it painful to have a person even while jogging or walking, there are some who still nurse a faint wish that Rajini with his trademark brisk walk with a commando in tow would make a perfect picture of a politician. With TN going to the polls, no one is hazarding a guess. What has Rajini got to say? Rajjyama…Imayama…?

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