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Rang De Basanti – Making Tamils proud!!
RDB (Rang De Basanti) has turned out an RDX with pulsating social message served like a hot pizza with desi effect. The cool 'n' hip flick is the clear leader at the box office. Tamils have something to cheer about as four people from down south have come up with stellar performances in the movie.
The one and the only A.R.Rahman. The composer has added more Rang to the film with his cheering music that grows on us over time. Compared to his former damp squib Mangal Pandey, Rang De Basanti is a reinvention of himself on Hindi screens. Give him challenges; he is bound to come up against them. After the great tracks in Swades, RDB is proving to be another diamond in his crown. All 10 songs have been composed with throbbing effervescence and apt voices mostly that of freshers.
[Please note: Taran Adarsh of indiafm.com is the only guy on earth who thinks otherwise about the music of the movie. Maybe he needs a lesson or two on music before he writes reviews.]
Next is our Maddy, playing Flight Lieutenant Ajay Rathod, engaged to Soha enriches the film in his cameo role. Ajay(Maddy) steals the show with his elegant portrayal and makes us weep when he dies in a plane crash. Though his appearance is for a short duration, his role stirs the conscience of the other four and urges them into action.

As for our own Siddharth, his new persona seems to have come of age compared to his rather amateur debut in Boyz. Despite a promising performance in Aytha Ezhuthu, he has found luck in Telugu desam with their brand of blockbusters. But in RDB, he has played Karan admirably well. His performance as Bhagat Singh is flawless
Naresh Iyer is the new Tamil talent churned out from Rahman’s stable. He is from Mumbai and has a fresh and enticing voice. Masti Ki Paathshaala is hep and Tum Bin bataaye is charming. Roobaroo complements Iyer’s voice and Rehman’s music especially the lively guitar in the background into a nice medley. It is sure to be a hit with the party-hopping crowd. Naresh Iyer was hand picked by A.R.Rahman from a V channel competition and brought to Chennai.

Marking a unique place in the realm of Indian cinema, Rang De Basanti has crafted a niche for A.R. Rehman who suffered slender jerk in “Rising”.
Maddy who was urging for a break amply used the pivotal role for a new vista. While Siddharth is busy giving the Mumbai girls a flutter or two. Naresh Iyer has brought freshness and vibrancy.

Keep it up boys!!! You have made us proud.
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