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‘Sivaji’! When are you going to appear?
The question on every movie goer’s lips in Tamil Nadu these days is this: when will ‘Sivaji’ get released? Will it get released before this year end?
After Rajini’s phenomenally successful ‘Chandramukhi’ and Shankar’s multi state hit ‘Anniyan’, expectations from the fans and industry watchers alike have hit the roof. With the release of each photo and each sample bit of music, the ‘Sivaji’ fever is only going up a degree higher.

Normally, Rajini’s movies get finished fast but this time around - the film being made by Shankar who is a stickler for details - there is bound to be some delay. Right from the beginning, Rajini and AVM have given a free hand to Shankar – in matters relating to budget, casting and release – and they are not likely to fasten the pace of shooting now.
Shankar, the perfectionist known for crafting each frame, is painting the big picture slowly but steadily. A R Rahman too has been given some freedom to come up with peppy numbers to please the fans.
Rahman only knows too well that when you’re composing songs for a star like Rajini, you just can’t afford to take chances. Especially with his fans. ( A small music sample from the theme song is already doing the rounds in the Net driving the fans deliriously happy.)

Three songs have been shot and one more to be shot in Spain again, may be at a different location. Also to be filmed are the scenes involving the Super Star at Manhattan, with the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop.
Even if the remaining 50 percent gets completed before this year, Shankar will surely spend a few months in graphics and post production, fine-tuning, refining and enhancing each frame of the film.

Originally scheduled as a 2006 Diwali release, ‘Sivaji’ in all likelihood will not hit theatres this year. Most probably the movie would get released on the 2007 Tamil New Near. According to industry sources, many theatres in Coimbatore district including the ones in the Ragam complex have been told by AVM not to commit any film during that particular period.
Remember, the blockbuster ‘Chandramukhi’ too was a Tamil New Year release and this sentiment will surely figure in the minds of the filmmakers in the coming days.

With all the excitement around, the fans of the ‘Thalaivar’ still do not mind waiting for some more time to see their matinee idol in a different avatar in the next summer season. All they know is that they do want is another ‘Chandramukhi’. Shankar too is aware that he is making no ordinary film but a Rajini film. With so much sentiment and business at stake, Shankar and his team is justified if they hurry up slowly!
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