Heroines and the blame game!

There may be several factors for a film’s success or failure, for that matter. But one issue that is constantly brought up to attribute a film’s failure to is – luck. The film industry is abuzz with a number of lucky directors, lucky actors, and even lucky shooting spots.

So what happens to the glamour doll… ooops, the leading lady of the film? Sad that she is the only one that takes the beating and doomed for the rest of her life where career in film industry is concerned. There have been discussions in the past regarding the heroine of a film that has either bombed at the box office or has never seen the light of the day. But the others in the film are never brought into this circle of discussion.

It is ironical to note that the film fraternity, which is so based on the luck factor, does not mind if the story chosen is a lucky one. But then, who bothers about the story to consider it fortunate or unfortunate?

Well, when actually does this luck factor come to the forefront? The answer lies in the fact that people blame it on luck when they have not put in enough efforts in their ventures.

Coming back to the actresses, is it fair to shift the blame on the lady just because she has been offered a role to bask in the glory of the hero’s heroisms, wear skimpy clothes, romance the hero and dance for a couple of duets? Then there would be a comedian, most likely the hero’s friend, ogling at the heroine, all in the name of comedy. The latest trend is a comedian-heroine dance sequence! Wonder why the women are blamed when they have little to do with acting?

(By Sudhakar, with inputs from Anitha.)

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