It’s time for fans to act

31st December 2009 a real sad day for Radaan Media Works, Jagghubai crew and entire Tamil cinema. It’s the day where full length, unfinished version of Jaggubhai was discovered on the internet.

Watching the pirated version after a movie’s release and watching it before its release is absolutely a different scenario. Comparatively the second one has some serious effects, not just to the crew but to the entire Tamil cinema.

Before getting into the solution mode, let me talk about three important personalities of the film:

Sarathkumar- President of South Indian Film Artistes Association

Radhika Sarathkumar- A well known actress, bold personality and the one who is respected among her colleagues.

K.S Ravi Kumar- an experienced director and he is one

with whom the top guns like Kamal and Rajini would love to work with at any given time.

When this could happen to a film which has the involvement of artists of such caliber and influence, then I just can't imagine the same scenario with new comers to the industry.

After discovering its pirated version on the net, Radhika contacted the Chief Minister and the person was arrested immediately.

And the pirated versions in the internet were blocked. Let us take this scenario, if the film doesn't go on its merits in the box office, then new producers will start thinking twice before stepping into the industry. They would really think if a film of such an influenced people could fail,

If new producers stop coming, then there is a very less possibility of rise of new creators. And this will block the changes that need to happen over a period of time. I am not saying this might occur in a month or two but certainly there is a possibility that this might occur over a period of time.

If any industry is stagnant for a considerable amount of years and the changes which are supposed to happen don't occur then it will definitely have some serious effects.

Lots of money, employment, dream, achievements could go wasted.

Life is involved in this. (I would also like to include Theaters, TV Media, Print Media, Web Media which is co-related with cinema.)

This definitely can't be resolved by just arresting concern persons and exercising non-bailable sections.

During the condemnation meet, Radhika was in tears, Ravi Kumar said that the day looks like a funeral. When artists of such caliber can just go down in a single day then definitely it is not a good sign. Even an ordinary fan who watched condemnation would be a bit furious like me.

So what can an ordinary man do in this regard?
I would really like to help but how?
The question which I asked myself.
I cannot contribute in terms of huge money. But the only thing I can do is to go and watch it in a theater.

Four reasons why you should watch Jaggubhai.

>> Radhika is a woman who tasted success after facing lots hardship; she is a true source of inspiration for lots and lots women. I hope everyone will agree with me that women really need to come up with an extra effort to achieve something in this society.

>> She has invested the amount which was earned after lots of hardships and if that could go for a toss in a single day, then something has to be done which could lead to good progress.

>> We have watched 'n' number of Ravi Kumar films. He has made us cry, laugh and clap on many occasions. When we are about to leave the theater you would definitely have seen two hands joined together saying "Endrendum Nandriudan K.S. Ravikumar". Gentlemen, it's time for us repeat the same to the creator.

>> Just for the cause of the Tamil of Cinema, the industry which has entertained us all these years.

And, for all the technicians and employees of Jagghubai team right from actors, directors to light men(and their families) etc.

I would like to end this with a simple question.
What would you do?
If what had to be done, could only be done by you?

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