The name is Ravindran

Aayirathil Oruvan, one of the most expected movies in 2010. The crew has finally announced that it will be released on 15th January 2010, a huge relief for the crew as well as the audience.

The crew started their shooting in July 2007 with the project estimation of almost 7 Crores. By the time they finished the final product it went to a whooping 32 Crores.

News starts pouring in about the hard work done by the entire team (including 2000 junior artists). But somewhere down the line people forget to mention about the contribution of a producer in this film.

The name is Ravindran; he is a new comer in film production. One really has to congratulate the work done by the producer in this film. New to cinema, project commenced with 7 crore, ends up with 32, more than two years of work, but still he stands up with the crew and smiles. The thing that is most impressive here is that he

has not yet sold the film. He has the daring to stay with the crew and stay till the end.

The producer has done a wonderful job which definitely needs lots of appreciation. During the trailer releasing function stars like Kamal Hassan, Suriya, Vairamuthu, Karthi have applauded him. Especially Kamal pointed out his love for cinema. They all have also mentioned that he deserves a lot in terms of money from this film.

But if you ask me, he deserves much more than just money, he needs lots of appreciation, honor and awards. The reason is, when we people talk about world class films we talk about Kamal and lots of technicians who have the talent to make their films speak at an international level, but unfortunately the production department goes for a toss in such kind of talks.

He needs not just money in this film, if so he would said bye bye much earlier. Producers like him should be honored and protected if we have dreams to make films of international quality.

James Cameron’s Avatar had been nominated for 4 Golden Globe Awards even before hitting the screens. I am not making a comparison here. But in India if awards are meant to boost the mileage of artists and honor their work, then kindly reserve an award for the production department of Aayirathil Oruvan.(I hope that the above lines would really justify my suggestion)

During the trailer release function of Aayirathil Oruvan, it was pleasant to see him smiling during his speech. The smile stayed till the end. I hope this will continue. I would like to recap his speech here, He said he would like to touch the feet of the entire crew who worked so hard for the end product and he also called the captain of his ship Selva as ‘Thalaivar’ and applauded his hard work, Now let us leave cinema here, How many of them in real life can showcase such a behavior when the going gets tough? Sir, you really deserve a big victory and as Kamal mentioned in the function we need producers who love cinema.

Apart from hard work and talent one really needs to give a big applause for the sacrifice of the entire AO crew. They really deserve a big victory in early 2010. And stars have also congratulated Karthi for his performance. Looking back, there was a time in Tamil cinema when directors used to develop tough plots and characters with an actor like Sivaji Ganesan in mind. Then came the Kamal era; Kamal became the actor in whom directors visualized their dream characters. In this decade Karthi will be one among the few (like Surya,Vikram) who will be filling in the visualizations of some tough characters.

During the trailer launch function Selvaraghavan clearly mentioned the issues he faced during the making of this film, and it was so nice to see Kamal coming up immediately with a solution, where he asked his colleagues to focus more on planning before initiating the process. I would like to mention an Abrahim Lincoln’s quote here which says “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my axe”. It is so nice to see where a function of such kind can become an information sharing occasion.

If a film of AO’s genre and scale can make a successful run at the box office, then it will seed lots of confidence in producers’ and directors’ minds to come up with more creative scripts. AO’s success will mean a lot to Tamil Cinema than just to the crew.

I have so much to write about Selvaraghavan here, but I feel it will be very meaningful if could do that after Jan 15th.

Eagerly waiting for your magic show early this year.

Best Wishes to Selva and Co.

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