The look-alikes of Kollywood!
Rajini   It’s not too long since you thought the teenager who bore striking resemblance to Vijay, who played his younger brother in Bhagavathi, looked like his body double. He later went on to accentuate his similarities with the actor in the cult hit Chennai – 28. Jai, who debuted with Bhagavathi and shot into limelight with his Chennai 28 and Subramaniapuram has had difficulties fixing his body language so as not to look like Vijay’s carbon copy. That he emerged out of the image soon enough and is on the list of the promising actors of Tamil cinema is very much an old news.

But Jai is not an isolated case scenario. Although he could be the only special case having to set himself apart from his peer (Vijay in this case) for having similar looks, there are many more look-alike versions in Tamil cinema, subtly hidden beneath the garbs and make up.

Take Asin for instance; she has the once peppy Revathi who played layered roles and became an icon of sorts in Tamil, hidden inside her. We screamed our lungs out having found the latest edition of Revathi. She’s testing the Bollywood
waters now but what’s the big deal, she’s still our brainy little girl from Kerala who found her stardom in Tamil.

Vijay called a relatively new, up and coming actor Poorna, the latest Asin. Although she doesn’t have Asin’s sharp features, she makes it up with her smoothed attributes. But whether she will replace Asin’s loss to Tamil cinema remains to be seen. But wait. Asin never said she has abandoned Tamil anyway.

Now looking back, there have been doppelgangers even for the superstar Rajinikanth. Nalinikanth, who surfaced a couple of decades ago in the scene, had an impeccable parallel to the superstar. His circular face, unruly hair that is unkempt (a trademark of the superstar himself) and shrewd eyes have earned him the name of Rajini’s carbon copy. He tried his hands at a few movies with little or no success and later graduated (or rather stepped down) to negative roles. After all, there can’t be two rulers, can there?

Similarly, when the Salem born/bred Saravanan made his debut a decade ago, he brought with him an unmistakable similarity to Vijayakanth. But the similarity ended right there and he is now happily playing roles that’s got more meat (remember Paruthiveeran?) than before. On the other hand, Vijayakanth is still the quintessential hero still dishing out one flick after the other.

If the explosive Roja was not good enough then, we also had the look-alike Ravali who tried to cash in on us with her plumpness. But her career had a silent death for we couldn’t take t(wo)oo many Rojas. And if ever Vadivelu wants to have a look alike twin (or brother, as the case may be) in his film, there is Sugumar whose indigenous comic act for Kaadal got him noticed.

That besides, you can spot bits and pieces of Prabhu in Karan, lots of Aishwarya Rai in Dia Mirza and Sneha Ullal.

Bollywood is rife with such look-alikes as well. Harman Baweja / Hrithik, Divya Bharti / Sridevi, Preity Zinta / Drew Barrymore and Katrina / Sangeetha Bijlani are a few examples.

All said and done, notwithstanding the fact that the looks of an already popular star does no good to an actor’s career, it also proves to be a baggage worth shedding before shaping up a career.

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