Dummies guide to surviving bad movies
  Not that there is a dearth of bad movies, but it gets real tricky to identify one. For the bad ones can expertly be camouflaged in brilliant packages: from hummable audio tracks to catchy trailers and the smartly executed marketing campaigns. Not until you personally watch the movie (despite reading glowing reviews of course) will the reality sink in – is this what you wanted to blow up your hard earned money on? After all, tickets don’t come for free neither are they priced at a pittance.

But there are ways and means of spotting one. All it requires is a presence of mind and the capability to read between the lines, for that’s where picking up the loose ends lies. Here goes the dummies guide to understanding bad movies, a few tips that could save you a few pennies. But the regular classic disclaimer applies to this as well: conditions apply.


The talk is what the industry calls the buzz the movie generates before it hits the screen. If the talk is good, obviously the movie is expected to perform well. But when there is talk, there are also chances that a misleading piece of

information about the movie is floating around: like how the hero himself performed a high-risk stunt sequence or how he developed a sprain while dancing to the difficult move of the choreographer. In effect, the scene will appear in the movie for 20 seconds.


Trailers of movies are, as we all know, a peek into the end product. But consider this: If the ad company that’s marketing the movie is creating the trailer, with guys who are smarter than the movie’s director himself, there are all possibilities that the trailer will look impressive.


Let’s get it straight. Although we have the money, we just cannot afford to dump it in our movies for the sake of mind-blowing CG (Computer Graphics). For the same reason, if any movie boasts of fantastic graphics and visual effects, rest assured, the forthcoming result will be more or less unremarkable. But hey, this doesn’t count for Holly-Kolly dubs (for instance: 2012 or Avatar) of course.


Superb songs are no indication that the movie will be superb as well. History has enough proof where the movies sucked despite having marvelously tuned songs and videos. Then again, the same history also reminds us that those mere 5-minutes-on-screen songs can actually render enough energy to the movie’s success.


The key to understand a review is to read between the lines, whether the review is eulogizing the movie excessively or being plain neutral; for there are understandably lots of considerations going into writing a review. Watch for the minutest hint the reviewer slips, for instance the usage of would have been, could have been. On the other hand, if the review is on-the-face, it means it’s brutally honest and can be trusted.

Word of mouth:

Finally, the good old tactic is what could actually help you survive the bad movies. It can be a mix bag at times but at least here you wouldn’t have to decide on your estimation but rather based on a solid proof from a tangible resource.

So what, in the end, is the need of the hour if we disregard bad movies or all movies as bad? Good scripts, clearly, and directors who are in immediate need of script writing lessons where they also teach you how to write a neat screenplay. Until then, although it’s pretty dismal to say but for lack of another choice: enjoy what is served on the platter.

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