Goa Signals….
Goa   The film Goa may have drawn varied response. But Venkat Prabhu’s attempt on an unchartered and an all time first (subject) for a Tamil film- a gay relationship- is laudable and mature. His treatment of the topic - still an atypical one - is impressive. There is absolutely no brouhaha and the relationship is handled in a normal, matter of fact manner without much ado. There was no judgment passed and he neither glorified gays nor threw stones at them.

While on this subject, it is interesting to note that alternate sexuality is something that Tamil films are yet to wake up to; a few attempts have been made in Bollywood (My brother Nikhil, Fire). To a rationalistic mind, this is just a matter of personal choice and nothing beyond that.

However, there could lie an answer to the current increase of discordancy and disharmony among heterosexual relationships, in alternate sexual orientation.When women are said to be from Venus and men from Mars, it is only natural that a woman understands her fellow woman better and the same thing holds good for men without saying. When there is
much understanding, compassion and sensitivity between members of the same sex, congeniality and harmony are the natural products. The completely different wiring of men and women and the factors that make them tick have been widely discussed. When a man finds it difficult to comprehend a woman (and vice versa) and at the same time hits it off perfectly with another man, why not? Of course Science can come to the rescue when it comes to procreational needs. In the years to come, alternate sexuality might perhaps provide a reprieve to the increasing dissonance in heterosexual relationships.

On a totally unrelated plane of discussion, there was something else in Goa which was very interesting to watch. At the risk of sounding a misandrist, it was refreshing to observe a man getting slapped around by a woman that was pattern defying. It took a while to absorb the happenings on screen. If this woman character was shown as normal, it would have been certainly a pioneering operation from Venkat because the normality of the act (just like in regular films where slapping women are considered as normal and mundane as answering nature’s calls) could have been established. Either ways, Venkat has definitely brought Tamil cinema out of its soporific closet and it would only be a self- deceiving act if we don’t want to acknowledge the existence of alternate preferences and orientations .

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