Simple lessons in Tamil movies!

Ever wondered why hero is always never wrong and heroine is simply the best women in the entire world. And how she inevitably ends up with our hero? The idiosyncrasies of our movies are vast that they are just impossible to list down.

Tamil cinema is synonymous with several such inimitable and hilarious characteristics that only our directors can think of. Despite the fact that our films have been subject to charades and spoofs many a times some people out there just do not change their perspective. Here is a simple imagination of what Tamil movies are all about in the form of Thiruvilayadal question-answer format.

The leading lady’s love interest?

It has to be to the do-gooder (hero)

Who would be interested in the villain of a film?

Either the hero’s sister or the daughter of a well-known

hero (please note that the hero should still be able to do some gravity-defying stunts!).

In period films, the English lady will fall in love with?

Her choice would also be our hero. Do not fail to note that this lady will have a suitor from her clan, who will only converse in Tamil throughout. Imagine!

What happens when someone wears a white outfit during the climax?

He or she will definitely meet with a gory death but only after delivering a lengthy dialogue

What is the role of a hero in movies that were made two decades ago?

To avenge the death of his family

The role of heroes in the recent times?

To fight the daada that has entered his life unwittingly and emerge into an even bigger daada!

What are two necessities for a hero who is on an adventure trip?

A heroine and a comedian

What does an investigative hero find in a crime scene?

A flashing object left by the convict that flickers in the sunlight.

(By Sudhakar, with inputs from Anitha.)

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