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Tamil Movie Review : ABCD
Director – Saravana Subbiah
Starring – Shaam,Sneha,Aparna,Nandana
Music director

The movie is a gentle love story. Three girls are in love with the same man and he has to decide on the girl with whom to share his life. It has been a long time since we had such a decent romance on screen. It takes a bold stand upon the sensitive issue of chastity of the heroine which has acquired quite a stereotype in Tamil movies.


ABCD revolves around Anand (Shaam) who is an MBA on the look out for a job. He lives in the house of an old Brahmin, played excellently by Kudanthai Subbiah. The landlord’s daughter Chandra(Sneha) is a widow and she takes affection for Anand due to his introverted nature.

Anand meets Bharathi (Nandana). She misplaces her academic certificates in the bus which brings them together. Bharathi is a woman of today’s generation who takes care of her whole family and her ideas are radical (she is even ready to call off her wedding because of dowry). She is also drawn towards Anand.

On the other hand Divya Daisy (Aparna) is an orphan brought up in a church. She is a socially conscious woman who wants to make a difference to the society. Anand rescues her in an accident. They become friends which turns into love for Divya.

Who gets to marry him is the climax.Shaam has proved his talent once again after Ullam Ketkume, but his looks are always serious which could have been avoided. Why he is so melancholic is not explained. Sneha is impressive with her screen presence. Aparna is seen after Pudukkottaiyilirundhu Saravanan and she is adequate. Nandana is good although she has to improve. Director Saravana Subbiah as Sneha’s husband is quite menacing.

D.Iman who has scored the music has done a nice job and the songs have come out very well. The re-recording lacks finesse but Rajarathinam’s camera makes a quiet statement especially about the middle class ambience.The second half drags a little bit and the director somehow felt the need for a duet with each heroine. The action sequence is also totally unnecessary. These are some of the sore points.

The film leaves you with a feeling of being overwhelmed by issues. The director attempts to tackle too many problems which was the mistake he did in his previous movie, Citizen. Yet, he must be congratulated for beating a different path in an industry which seems preoccupied with action and empty melodrama.

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