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News about Sivaji

Rajini says "No political dialogues in Sivaji"

Shankar takes on board his assistants for Sivaji

Will Aishwarya Be seen in Sivaji?

Sivaji's Telugu rights sold for a whopping amount

Rajini sets the tone for Sivaji

Shankar ropes in A R Rahman for Sivaji

Rajini's Sivaji was a dream for Trisha but Rani plays it

Rajini and Shankar amalgamate

A.R. Rahman Galleries

A.R. Rahman's Anbe Aaruyirae Photo Gallery (New)

A. R. Rahman's Anbe Aaruyirae Photo Gallery

A.R. Rahman - Godfather Gallery

A. R. Rahman - Ayutha Ezhuthu Gallery

A. R. Rahman - Boys Gallery

A. R. Rahman - Kannathil Muthamittal Gallery

A. R. Rahman - Padayappa Gallery

A. R. Rahman - Kandukondaen Kandukondaen Gallery

A. R. Rahman - Devdas Gallery

A. R.. Rahman - Alaipayuthey Gallery

BF Inauguration Gallery

News about A.R.Rahman

A R Rehman composes the music of Akbar - Jodha

Shankar ropes in A R Rahman for Sivaji

Midnight screening of The Rising

A R Rehman goes the full mile in bollywood

Mani Ratnam to announce his next film

Rehman is back

Vikraman and A R Rahman to Strike

The Ah Aah news

Rehman plays in Godfather

Will Rehman return?!

Top 10

A.R.Rahman Tops the Countdown

Shankar Tops the Countdown

Rajinikanth Legend

Manirathnam Legend

Slideshows & Articles about A.R. Rahman

The success journey of AVM with Rajini

Shankar's formula of making movies - Quite interesting

Tamil naduís BIG B in a new venture

Music Review

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