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Shankar's formula of making movies --- Quite interesting
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Chicago, USA

Think about top directors in Kollywood....

I know many might have listed Balachander, S.P Muthuraman, Barathiraja, Bhagyaraj and in the recent times, Manirathnam, Shankar, K.S Ravikumar, Charan, Gautham, Bala, Cheran. The list goes on according to the taste of the individuals. I mentioned the above names coz these people have been consistent though some of them have not done many movies. Consistency is evaluated based on lots of factors; the revenue directors generate for the producers, the music they give for the audience, the versatility of their story, the message they present to the commoners and the list goes on and on.

The top paid director today is none other than Shankar. There is basically a style and a formula, which he uses fittingly to make his movies big blockbusters.
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