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Namitha's Gallery

Namitha Gallery

Namitha in Pambarakkannale - Gallery

Namitha in Englishkaran- Gallery

Interview of Namitha

Namitha's Exclusive Interview

Sathyaraj Interview on Mahanadigan

Sarathkumar's Interview

Current project of Namitha

Namitha's Pambarakkannale will be released by the month end

Namitha's Pambarakkannale - Audio release

Clash of names in Ghajini & Pambarakkannale

Namitha & Srikanth cocksure that Pambarakkannale will...

Songs of Pambarakkananale set to rock everyone

Glam doll Namitha shops for Pambarakkannale

Namitha & Srikanth is cocksure that Pambarakkanale...

Pambarakkanale Snippets

News about Namitha

Namitha refuses to budge

Namitha in Telugu

Namitha Sways

Namitha with Youth

Chanakya's Song with Namitha

Chanakya's mega fight - Namitha

Srikanth's twin pairs - Namitha & Pooja

Sarath's Chanakya on line - Namitha

Namitha - get, set, go!

Namitha's Strategy

Previous projects of Namitha

Namitha's Mahanadigan - Review

Top 10 Actresses - Namitha

Namitha's place in Countdown

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