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Interview : Sarathkumar

Sarathkumar is a busy actor and parliamentarian. He is also a doting father and devoted husband. We caught up with him on the sets of Khaki.

Q: You appear with a tonsured head in Khaki. Any reasons for the makeover?

Sarath: This new look is totally in tune with the script. I should have had this clean pate in Ei itself.

Q: Then why didn’t you sport this look in that film?

Sarath: In the torture scene in Ei, I should have appeared with a shaven head. But, the director changed the set up. Meanwhile, Vincent Selva suggested the Khaki story and I had to cut my crop.

Q: How much has Chanakya progressed?

Sarath: It is ready for release. It is a totally different role for me in it.

Q: Can you tell us more?

Sarath: In this film I have played a character which proves that despite weak physical features, one can overcome all odds with tough mental strength. It is a very topical film. Our youngsters need a dose of such feel good stories.

Q: What are the other features of the film?

Sarath: We have shown the immense power of newspapers and other media. They are indeed the strong pillars which support the society. They bring to light the problems and sufferings of the common people. Chanakya is a tribute to the hard working media persons who serve the society with a mission..

Q: Your views on directors you have worked with….

Sarath: Pavithran, Venkatesh, Vincent Selva… the list is quite long. All the directors I have worked with are very talented. They have great dedication and professionalism. I am sure they will go places in the future.

Q: The producers you have worked for….

Sarath: I have been very fortunate to have very cooperative producers. They have a passion for cinema and know how to take a film to the masses. They do not interfere during the making so that the crew can work with greater confidence.

Q: Your raunchy, Tharuviya number in Chanakya….

Sarath: Oh, oh, it is not a great philosophical rendering. Music director Srikanth Deva had been after me to sing a song. Due to his constant pestering, I agreed to sing this jolly number. But the great surprise was that the recording was Okayed in a single take.

Q: What are your projects in the pipeline?

Sarath: Oh there are many. I am working with big banners. First a film by Radan Pictures’ directed by A. Venkatesh. Then, I would be doing a film each for Supergood Films, Lakshmi Moviemakers and Mass Moviemakers. Besides, I shall be doing a Telugu film also.

So, folks, that is Sarathkumar for you. A simple, down-to-earth man on whose shoulders success sits lightly. We wish him all the good luck in his future endeavors. © 2004 ; For advertising contact