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Tuesday, January 11th, 2005

An Exclusive Interview with “Maganadigan” Sathyaraj, in which the reasons behind the contradictions caused by the film in Politics and Kollywood are analyzed.

Question : The film “Maganadigan”, has created lot of contradictions in Politics and Kollywood, Do you feel that you have made a mistake?

Sathyaraj : Why should I feel? Actually, I feel proud in acting in this film.

Question : Being in the Tamil cine field, you have teased your colleagues…

Sathyaraj :
That is not wrong. Because, there are films like “Server Sundaram”, “Sumathi En Sundari”, “Iruvar”, in Kollywood which resembles “Maganadigan”.

Question :
In the films that you have mentioned, the actors were not directly teased…

Sathyaraj : In “Server Sundaram”, Manorama imitates a famous actress then.

Question : But opposition has raised against you…

Sathyaraj : No, In fact famous directors, producers, actors, actresses have called me over the phone and have appreciated me for my performance in “Maganadigan”. It means that they liked the film.

Question : In “Maganadigan” you have imitated Vijayakanth. Is it right to do so?

Sathyaraj : Mimicry is an art. In “Amaidhi Padai”, I have imitated M.G.R., Anna, Karunanadhi and Shivaji. Vijayakanth himself has imitated M.G.R in the film “Uzhavan Magan”. Now if I imitate him, he is saying that it is wrong…

Question :
Many actors say that they are going to enter into Politics. How about you?

Sathyaraj : I am not interested in Politics. I will never enter into Politics.

Question : Rajinikanth and Vijayakanth are saying that they are going to enter into Politics…

Sathyaraj : Who am I to comment on this? It is their wish. I read in a magazine that Rajini is not going to enter into Politics. According to me, that is a good decision taken by him. Vijayakanth is in a dilemma whether to enter into Politics or not. But one thing is for sure, no actor can become a Politician by starting a party in the future. They can only become a M.L.A or a M.P.

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