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February 2, 2005

Namitha, the upcoming actress in the Tamil industry has an air of confidence and attitude as she promptly finishes her takes before the camera. Off-camera she is very reserved and many think that she is rude. In an hour long interview to Behindwoods she talked frankly about her aspirations in the film industry.

Do you feel that doing only glamour-doll roles will take you far in your career?

I give importance only to the story of a movie. If the script demands that I play the glam girl and the director is convinced then I have no problem. That is why my roles in Engal Anna, Maha Nadigan and Aei have been successful.

How did you get to act in Aei?

While doing Engal Anna, the producers of Aei approached
me and narrated the story and my role in it. Since, I liked it I accepted the offer with both hands.


What do you think are your plus points and minus points?

I am a gourmet and drool on good food. I don’t have specific choice of cuisine and but like to indulge in different varieties. I also like to hit the hay whenever I can. Being in the film industry and having to watch my figure, I guess both of these are my minus points. I am an open-hearted person and cannot lie to anyone. I guess that is my greatest plus.

How are you going to withstand the competition with many new heroines coming to the field?

Let me make one thing clear. I am here because the fans want me to. I shall always have a special place in their hearts. As long as I get to do good roles, my position in the industry is secure. I am willing to do a variety of roles. Some roles are in fact tailor-made for me. Thus, no one else can take my share of the cake. Similarly, I believe that healthy competition is good.

Which hero do you like the most?

I am a great fan of the Pop Singer Henrique Iglesias. As for Tamil heroes, I respect all of them and don’t have a choice.

Tell us about the most unforgettable event in your life?

In 1998 I won the Miss Surat title. It was totally unexpected. In 2001 I came third in the Miss India event. Now I am a well-known actress with a bagful of roles. It all seems like a dream.

Do you like the Tamil film Industry?

Oh, I love it. I have had the chance to work with leading artistes since my debut. The environment is so professional and everybody is sincere in their work. I feel part of a large family. My co-stars encourage me and have taught me so many things. I am thankful to God for getting the opportunity to work in the
Tamil film industry.

Now Namitha, tell us, who is this person with you always with the name Bharat Kapoor?

I request you all to let me have my privacy. I am open to any criticism in my acting. But, please leave my personal life alone. I cannot answer personal questions.

What are your hobbies?

I am fitness freak and work out whenever I can. I watch a lot of television. I am also an ardent lover of Nature and like traveling to enjoy new places.
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