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Future projects of Jothika

June R shapes up at a express speed

Jyothika... June R.... award

Simbu and Jyothika pair up again..

Jyothika.... No..... Vedika

Jyotika does a short film

Jothika turns spiritual

Vettaiyadu Express

Previous projects of Jothika

Jothika - Fits in perfect role

Nayanthara breathes down Jyothika's neck

Chandramukhi's achievement

Trendsetter Chandramukhi

Jyothika does the Simran act

Jo Jo Jothika's Boat

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Tamil naduís BIG B in a new venture

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Movie Preview : Manmathan


News about Jothika

Jyothika the busiest actress

Chandramukhi raises the bar for Nayantara and Jothika

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Jyothika goes GA GA over Surya

Manmadhan's script goes to hollywood..

P.vasu is in the hot seat after Chandramuki

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Jothika's Gallery

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Mayavi Gallery - Jothika

Mayavi(new) Gallery - Jothika

Manmathan Gallery - Jothika

Manmathan Gallery (new) - Jothika

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