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Tamil Movie Review : Athu Oru Kanakalam
Athu Oru Kanakalam - Dhanush Priya Mani
Director – Balu Mahendra
Starring – Dhanush, Priya Mani, Delhi Ganesh, Karunas
Producer – Vishwa Films
Music Director - Ilayaraja

After facing several problems, the movie Athu Oru Kanakalam has hit the theatres for this Diwali. The movie directed by Balu Mahendra reflects the way of narrating the story in his own style.. The movie has come out very well, though it has taken a long time for its release.

The story is about a youth who gets a crush over a servant maid and faces lot of problems due to it, and ends up in jail. After that whether the couple join hands together forms the rest of the story.

Srinivasan (Dhanush), a 22-year-old guy escapes from the jail and makes his travel towards a remote village in Ooty. During his journey he narrated his story to the lorry driver. Srinivasan never cares for anything and leads a playful life. On an occasion he meets Thulasi (Priya mani). When his parents (Delhi Ganesh and Usha)had gone to a relative’s place for a week, Srinivasan uses this opportunity and spends time with Thulasi in his house.

In the process both of them start loving each other. When this matter reaches Srinivasan’s father, as usual he denies his love. On an unfortunate day Srinivasan and his friends land up in

prison for crashing a police vehicle. Inside the jail he had a clash with one of his inmates and gets a big blow on his head. Eventually, he is punished for 10 years imprisonment.

When he returns back after 10 years, his mother dies and Thulasi’s family goes bankrupt and the climax is whether they both join together or not.

Dhanush is really astonishing, and in some scenes his performance is same as that in Kadhal Kondaien. The director has got the maximum out of him. On the other hand Priya Mani is equally good. She is looking pretty in the half sarree.

Teja Shree has just been used as an item girl and she has not been utilized properly. The others in the cast include Karunas and Thalivasal Vijay.

Ilayaraja, as usual stands high with his music. There is nothing negative about Balu Mahendra’s camera. Hats of to Balu for his marvelous work.

So, Athu Oru Kanakalam seems to be a good competitor to all Diwali releases.Let us watch and see were it will stand.

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