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Sathish's statement on how Bigg Boss would be without Oviya

Going by the speculation that Oviya is out of Bigg Boss house, choreographer turned actor has come up with his own interpretation on how the show would be going forward without Oviya. He shared this statement in his Twitter handle. 

"Without Oviya bb will be. Julie will be slave for calcium (Gayathri), triggerstar (Sakti) punch dialogue will be heard by calcium.calcium will be controlling aarav,Julie,raiza and ask waste suggestions to trigger star where he will give advice like bill gates.aarav will be lying down and talk about others who ever is not present in that particular place.raiza will be saying true for everything.ganesh will be acting like he is best in wat he does.vaiyapuri will mind his business and put carromboard kolam.

Snehan will be in goodbooks because they need a cook.bindhu will be a question mark,when she becomes exciting we would have changed the channel. Why should I watch this show? Yes I will cos epadi irukka koodathu nu pathu's easy to say Oviya could have been strong this that etc but she was the one who handling the situation. If she is out of bb and again if she comes back I don know how geniune she will be cos anyway she will get to see the comments and other episodes. Some one who is good at heart cannot survive,the society will make them mental? Howcome no one wanted to cultivate her habit? Oviya hates trigger star it's correct only y can't they send him out?cos he is also ready to get out if she is not eliminated, anyway she will be saved.Waiting for kamal sir talk."

* Sathish's statement is not spell-checked

Sathish's statement on how Bigg Boss would be without Oviya

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