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Dancer Sathish takes to twitter to troll Bigg Boss contestants

During every episode in the Bigg Boss reality show, actor, and choreographer Sathish takes to Twitter and gives a running commentary of his views about the happenings on the show. He teases some contestants, supports some and makes hilarious remarks on the show. Here is a small compilation of his funny tweets from last night;

"Is Bindu character being groovy to music or jus for bigboss? Snehan next time no bare body show bigboss pls correct him next time."

"Spoiling others sleep is not good having good sleep solves lots of silly issue. But I support Oviya"

"Bindu says Oviya cannot handle the situation adengappa pramatham.breakfast conv to aarav and reply to calcium was epic. Come on Oviya"

"Oh Trigger star adichuduvengala enga pappom ambale singamey. Un punch dialogue Lam calcium mattum than kekkum. #BigBossTamil"

"Neenga walkout pannalum illatalum neenga set property than trigger star . U people really don have gutts to speak in front  of her face"

"When Julie started dancing I felt like shouting "aiyo kazhutha puli "trigger star only mouth dance. India got talent duo calcium n Julie."

"Trigger star n calcium combo more helarious than Senthil n gaundamani :) evaru kovapaduvaram avanga cool pannuvangalam. Kpy winners"

"Instead of sitting Julie calcium n trigger star u three can use treadmill n efx n lose some calories ."

**The Tweets are not spell-checked

Dancer Sathish takes to twitter to troll Bigg Boss contestants

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